Perfect apartment sizes for Indian families

India is facing mass exodus of people from rural areas to the urban developments. These individuals are highly motivated to excel in their professions and looking for better opportunities in life. This situation results in their departure from native places to metro cities or foreign destinations.

The movement of the present generation from their homes results in a drift from the old housing patterns. They prefer well-equipped and easily manageable homes. They choose dwellings that offer space according to their needs and requirements. In addition to that, the family structure has also been divided into joint and nuclear and in some cases the individuals plan to live alone. Every family has a different size and structure and to cater to their needs the developers are offering various residential housing options which vary from villas to bungalows, duplexes to apartments.Although each and every category fulfills the demands and requirements of every individual but working professionals and retired individuals choose residential apartments over other types.


Why Apartments?

Srivaas understands that the changing trend in the working environment and family structure results into narrowing of the idea of big, independent homes to fully- furnished and well-equipped residential apartments. People nowadays prefer flats over other housing options as people spend more time in offices and ultimately lack time to cater to their daily household chores. Srivaas provides a respite by offering intelligent features like Automatic 24×7 Power Backup, Fiber to Home, Building Management System, Smart Metering- Electric, Gas etc. Depending upon the financial statements different well-equipped apartment sizes adhere to different individuals.

Srivaas is dedicated at providing all the basic facilities to the residents and are providing housing range and basic amenities like all Sporting facilities, Kid’s Play Areas, Lawns, jogging/walking tracks etc.

Srivaas understands that although buying a house is the heaviest and most important investment for an individual, however, choosing the right home is another important aspect. We are providing most important solution by offering different cost-effective household options along with basic amenities and smart features.

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