If you are about to buy a new home or an apartment, there are several Vastu aspects of the property that you must check.

The Indian architectural science of Vastu Shastra, has been a basis for identifying and developing the best living spaces. Vastu-compliant plots and homes, help the inhabitants to live their lives with more happiness, wealth, health and prosperity. This ancient practice has gained popularity in the real estate space, for identifying the best places, plots and structures for residential purpose.

While evaluating the design plan or layout of a plot or a construction (flat or apartment), the first consideration should always be for a good entrance. The entrance holds the key to ushering in positivity and happiness for the entire family.

Each living space has 32 possible locations that can function as an entrance of a building. Each of these 32 locations, has their own significance and affects our lives accordingly.


  • For instance, an entrance in the south-east zone, the Vastu zone of cash, results in delayed payments.
  • A south-west entrance is among the least Vastu-compliant entrances and families living in such homes, can face monetary and relationship issues to a great extent.
  • If you have an entrance in the north, you can expect great success in monetary and business matters, as well as opportunities in your career.
  • If your chosen property or apartment does not have a Vastu-compliant entrance, you can still buy the property and apply certain simple Vastu remedies.

Room Location-:

Avoid buying a house with bedrooms located in South-South-West, West-North-West, and East-South-East Vastu zones. Similarly, toilet in the North-East and South-West must be avoided. A shop or house having right planning as per the attributes of 16 Vastu zones attracts money, footfall, gains, profits and better health.


While buying resale homes, you need to check right placement of symbols, paintings, sculptures and household articles and appliances. For example, if there is a swastika or Ganesha made on the main door, you must remove it immediately after buying the property.

As far as the kitchen appliances are concerned, the cooking gas or the gas stove should be ideally placed in the South-East or the South-South-East Vastu zone. If kept anywhere else in the house, it can be treated by a stone slab of an appropriate colour and material.

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