Uttarakhand is not only the Land of Gods but also the Land of Rivers and mountains. The state government of Uttarakhand has decided to convert the famous Tehri Lake into an Adventure Tourism. In the upcoming few months Tehri is going to be the ‘to go’ destination for adventure sports enthusiast from all over the nation. This revamped look of Tehri includes many different and varied activities from Jet Skiing to Hot air balloon rides.

Earlier in the name of Adventure sports the people of our country had limited options and traveled to other places to quench their thirst of adventure, but now it is all going to change. With the rise of adventure sports in India, the Government of Uttarakhand is planning to change the famous Tehri Lake into a major Adventure tourism destination.

Tehri lake is an artificial water body that was created in 2005 during the construction of the Tehri dam on the Bhagirathi river in Tehri district. The overflowing waters of the dammed river submerged about 33 villages in the vicinity. The erstwhile royal palace also went down under.

Teri Tourist Attractions Places is given below

Tehri Dam- Tehri Dam is most important thing to see in Tehri Gharwal. Tehri Dam is main Attraction of Tehri Gharwal. The Tehri Dam is highest dam in India and one of the highest in the world. It will be An multi-purpose rock Also earth-fill bank dam on the Bhagirathi waterway close to Tehri On Uttarakhand, india. It will be the essential dam of the THDC india Ltd.

Tehri Trekking- With incalculable trekking trails and spots in the area blended with streams and waterways and some stunning perspectives, Tehri Garhwal has a tendency to be a significant most loved for trekking.

River Rafting in Tehri- Tehri Garhwal is a popular spot for white water rafting. River Rafting is very enjoyble activities in Tehri Gharwal.

Dhanaulti Tehri- Dhanaulti an Icy Heaven . The tinsel town of Dhanaulti is emerging as a popular winter destinatination . Situated on the Mussoorie – Chamba course right around 44 km from Tehri Garhwal, Dhanaulti is a place that is known for concealed fortunes. With not very many voyagers mindful of the level of magnificence, the crude trails are practically untouched.

Rock Climbing Tehri- The Old Tehrithat was once intensely possessed, today lies under the water in remains. With incalculable trekking trails and spots in this chilly district, scattered with streams and waterways and probably the most stunning perspectives, Tehri Garhwal has a tendency to be a significant most loved for trekkers and mountain climbers.

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