Many people have the misconception that Vastu is only related to the construction part of a property, the truth is that it is very much applicable on the interiors of home and properties. Even if your home is constructed as per Vastu norms, but you have ignored Vastu for interiors, then it would create disbalance in the overall Vastu of that property.

Vastu plays a key role in interiors of home, as its principles are followed by a sizeable number of the Indians. It is believed that the arrangement of interiors will have an impact the people living in the house. Based on the arrangements, positive and negative energies are developed, affecting the inhabitants. In today’s cramped urban scenarios, it is not always possible to do the interiors according to Vastu due to the scarcity of space.

Interior arrangements of your home impact the Vastu of that property

According to experts, interior design includes everything that comes inside a house- starting from windows, entrance, walls, colors and texture. Vastu principles aim to establish harmony by using the five basic elements – earth, water, fire, air and space. It is believed that if the furniture, accessories and interiors are arranged according to Vastu Shastra, then it will open doors for prosperity, health and welfare to enter the household.

Impact of interiors arrangement on Vastu

Each room has eight directions, so one must be aware of designing the interiors in such a way that they follow the rules of the Vastu in order to sync with the elements. One such norm is that the entrance of the house should be in east. This is because the sun rises in the east and hence opens the door for light and positivity in the household. Also, according to Vastu every color has a negative and positive effect.

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