Monsoons are beautiful. The weather becomes pleasant and rain brings a certain amount of joy among us. Tea, coffee with hot fritters, along the window side with a view of beautiful rain drops dripping down the window panes is priceless! We all love monsoons but it comes with a set of terms and conditions. From health to home, special care has to be taken especially, home care is very crucial during the monsoons. Following are a few tips to keep your home prepared for the harsh rains.


Water-proof your home

Water-proofing protects the structure from extreme rainfall and also saves on repair cost and hassle, in terms of breakage and weakening of the the structure.

Keep the home pest-free

Puddles and stagnant water are common during the monsoons. As mosquitoes breed in stagnant water, one should keep areas like air-conditioner ducts, drains, trays beneath potted plants, etc., clean and dry. Clean the terrace and rainwater drainage pipes of dried leaves, so that water can flow easily and not stagnate. Before laying a carpet on the floor, ensure that the floor is completely dry. Alternatively, roll them up and store them away for the season. Vacuum and air them well and keep camphor balls along with the carpets, before putting them away.

Few other things to keep in mind

  • Try to avoid anything made of paper or cardboard during monsoons. If it gets dampened it might retain moisture and due to excessive moisture they easily get spoilt. If at all you have cardboard boxes at home, do not keep them on the floor. Place them at a higher altitude to avoid spoilages.
  • Do not shut the windows! Even though it is advised to shut the windows when it is raining, open the windows to allow daylight inside the room. It reduces humidity and removes dullness inside the home. . Also, it removes the bad odour from home. Spread Silica gel powders in cupboards and drawers. They are essential moisture absorbers. If you couldn’t get silica gels, a simple alternative for these would be neem leaves. Spread a few leaves in your cupboard to avoid smelly clothes. Use a layer of paper to avoid neem leaves contacting the clothes.

Monsoons are beautiful and enjoying them without worries is all what we wish for. It is better to follow few preventive measures to avoid major consequences to our homes due to rains. Following the above basic tips can be very helpful. If you have any points to add, please do let us know. We will be happy to share with our viewers. Happy Monsooning!

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