The energy flow in a house is greatly influenced by its construction and the decor in the house. We look at some simple ways in which home owners can boost the positive energy in their homes.


Vastu tips for the main door

Vastu principles improve a living space, according to the principle of harmony and energy flow. The main door of a house is the entry point for energy. A door that opens outward pushes energy away from home. So, have the main door opening clockwise. Opportunities may be limited, if the door does not open fully. Ensure that the lobby near the main door is not dark. Good lighting stimulates positive flow of energy and promotes balance and harmony within the premise.

Vastu complaint construction

It is most important to commence the construction at the right moment (muhurat) and to use non-offensive building materials. Every built space has three types of energies – cosmic, earth and structural. To make the space positive and to ensure that all three are in harmony with each other, keep the centre of the space, which is called the Brahmasthan, free of any kind of structural violation. This will ensure that the flow of cosmic energy is balanced. Earth energy can be balanced by keeping the north-east corner lively.

Home decor tips for positive energy

  • Fresh air and sunlight aids positive energy at home. So, ensure that you keep the home’s windows open, for some time in the morning.
  • Aquariums are akin to moving water and it is auspicious, when placed towards the north-east.
  • Avoid having a tree, pole or pillar facing the main door. It is called a dwar vedh (door obstacle). Similarly, avoid having dead plants near the door.
  • Keep the bathroom door closed. Always keep toilet lid down, when not in use. Ensure that there are no leaking taps at home. Use pleasant fresheners in the bathroom.
  • Do not keep medicines in the kitchen.
  • Ensure that the furniture edges are not sharp. Avoid excessive use of red, black and grey in the home’s décor.
  • Play soothing divine music or chanting of mantras at home, for some time in the morning.
  • Pictures at home should always be positive. Avoid photos depicting war, loneliness, poverty, etc. To generate positive energy, display pictures of nature.
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