Thank you for your interest in Srivaas!

We welcome you to explore the timeless Himalayas and the divine twin cities of Rishikesh and Haridwar.

Haridwar means “the door to the divine abode”. It finds mention in some of the most ancient Hindu scriptures. It is said that coming to Haridwar is the nearest a human being can get to the ‘swarg’ or the heavens.

As you pass through Haridwar, you reach the spiritually illuminating town of Rishikesh – the birth place of yoga and the second home of ‘Neelkantha’, Lord Shiva. Rishikesh offers spiritual satisfaction and life-changing energies to people from all walks of life. Many, including the legendary Steve Jobs, have said to have found their true calling and world changing inspiration in this divine land.

It is my privilege that we have been chosen by the Divine Power to bring you an opportunity to own and experience this special land. With privilege come responsibility! We believe it is our moral and social responsibility to ensure that this divine eco system is opened to the world for everyone’s spiritual and social benefit and yet remains unexploited.

We believe in conserving the natural and cultural resources of the region and look at development only in its ecologically sustainable form. We, therefore, administer extra care in maintaining the balance between growth and sustainability.

I would be delighted to hand you over to the members of Srivaas to personally attend to you and understand how we can serve you in this endeavour.

Please feel free to reach us at to get in touch with the Indian team or for the international team.

May the Divine bless you!


Warmest regards,

Kamal Kant Malik

(Chairman, Srivaas Group of Companies)

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